Night's Away

The nights away permit scheme is the scout Associations internal assessment scheme designed to ensure that all those leading nights away events for young people within Scouting have the skills, experience and personal suitability to do so.

Everyone who leads a nights away event for young people within Scouting is required to hold a Nights Away Permit for the type of event they are running. Although managed locally, the Nights Away Permit Scheme is a national scheme, so once gained, a permit will allow you to run a nights away event in any District or County

There are four categories of permit:


For staying in a building that has toilets plumbed into a waste disposal system (i.e. a cess pit, storage tank or mains drains)  and access to running drinking water


For staying at a site that has toilets plumbed into a waste disposal system (eg. a cess pit, storage tank or mains drains) and access to running drinking water

Green Field

For staying at any site where any of the above facilities do not exist – for example, a summer camp on a farmer’s field

Lightweight Expedition

For staying at any site for not more than one night before moving on. The core activity is a form of expedition, not residential, and all the equipment is transported with the participants. eg. DofE hikes, expedition hikes, canoe expeditions

Those holding a Green Field Permit may lead residential events in the other three categories, and those holding a Camp Site Permit may also run indoor residential events

The ultimate guide to Nights Away

The Scout Association has put together this guide to all things Nights Away! Take a look at the links below to find out everything you need to know about running the ultimate camping trip for your section.


Get Your Permit

Hallam District has a team of Nights Away Assessors who are here to help you gain your Nights Away Permit.

Permits are granted after an assessment of your skills in eight core areas. There is no requirement to have attended formal nights away training such as Modules 16 (Introduction to Residential Experiences) and 38 (Skills For Residential Experiences), although these are a great way to gain or refresh skills and meet other leaders.

It should be noted that while module 16 is necessary to complete a wood badge, completing modules 16 and/or module 38 does not automatically grant a permit. However gaining a permit does automatically validate modules 16 and 38.

The process starts by telling us a few details about yourself and your experience of organising previous scouting or similar events on the form below. The assessment is not an opportunity to try and trick you, it is simply an assessment of skills and experience. In many cases, past but recent experience should provide enough information for the assessor to make a recommendation. However in some circumstances it can be beneficial for the applicant to plan, organise, and run a Nights Away Event alongside an existing permit holder as part of the assessment process.

Nights Away Permit Application Form

Please download the application form and once completed, email it to

Once you have been granted a permit you can start running nights away events. Each time you run an event you will need to notify the District Commissioner, and if you are staying on non Scout premises (outside Hallam) the host District Commissioner will also need to be informed before the event takes place.

This is done through passing the information in the Nights Away Notification (NAN) form to the District Commissioner/s.

For full details about the Nights Away Permit Scheme, plus links to various factsheets and documents, please see the Scout Associations website