Scout Active Support in Hallam

We are setting up an Active Support in Hallam, abbreviated to - and known as SASH

SASH is being set up and run by Chris Bullivant and Mike Halliwell and is open to all leaders, whether a current or previous member of Hallam, or simply a member of the Scout Association in another District.

We don't have a formal 'mission statement' yet, if there is such a thing. However our aim is to provide a support group made up of leaders of all ages who are able to support Hallam District in as many ways as posible, but without the regular weekly commitment that comes with running a Group section. As things stand the list of what that might include is open ended as much will depend on the skills of those who join. However, supporting District Events is likely to be high up on that list, as well as perhaps help with training etc.

We also hope to be able to arrange social gatherings for members of SASH.

To contact us please use the Contact Us page.