Training is a very important element of our leadership in Hallam. We have several individuals on the District Team who are working hard to help leaders complete the various modules that are required to complete the Wood Badge.

Training is discussed as part of the initial Adult Appointment interview, and often the first three 'Getting Started'  modules can be completed at the same time here in Hallam.

Policy Organisation and Rules (POR)

Arguably, one of the most important training needs is to be familiar with The current version of POR as it is one of the most useful documents that leaders have available to them. Indeed, when signing the 'Declaration' section of the Adult Application Form you agreed to 'work within the policies and rules of the Association'. So you at least need to know where it is so you can comply with that agreement.

It can often be missed during the basic training modules because so much new information is being learnt. It defines the structure of Scouting, and provides the answers to most questions that can arise whilst undertaking our role as Scout Leaders, and it is important that we all know the sections and contents as much as possible.

POR is updated each year and it is worth taking the time to familiarise yourself with its contents and updates using the link above. 

Training Validation

Appointment interviews are carried out at Trippet Lane on a regular basis, normally twice a month*. Members of the Training Team are always on hand to guide new members on their training requirements and to validate modules for anyone who would like to call in. Please email our Training Administrator before attending, to ensure sufficient trainers are available to welcome you.

The Training Team are available from 7.15pm. *The Appointment Interview Dates are shown in the District Calendar on the Home Page

Ongoing training is also important and First Aid, Safeguarding, and Safety is something we all need to keep up with between our 5 year reviews.

This page will help you find the best way to find the training you need, and hopefully a method that suits you, be it a traditional course or an online option.

County Training Courses

South Yorkshire County provide most training courses and their current programme is available on the South Yorkshire Scout County Website. To book yourself onto any of these courses please use the links in their website where you will find the relevant application forms and contact email addresses, plus more details about the various courses.

ONLINE Training

To ensure your records on Compass are up to date please email a copy of certificates as you obtain them to the Training Administrator. It is also advisable to occasionally check your records on Compass to ensure they are correct.

Getting Started

One of the key principles of the adult training scheme is flexibility. It's available to you whenever you want it. The scheme gives you the opportunity to learn at a time and place convenient to you. As mentioned above, in Hallam you will have the opportunity to talk to our Training Team at the same time as your initial interview.

Resources for learners contains materials, links and further reading on each of the modules with the adult training scheme.

Modules 1, 3, 4, 5 and 12 have e-learning options which can be found below, and a certificate can be downloaded after the e-learning is completed as validation of the relevant module. Please email them to the Training Administrator as above.

We would strongly advise you to watch the how-to guide here before you begin the e-learning.

Module 1: Essential Learning - To begin the e-learning click here

Module 3: Tools for the Role (Section Leaders) - To begin the e-learning click here

Module 4: Tools for the Role (Managers and Supporters) - To begin the e-learning click here

Module 5: The Fundamentals of Scouting - To begin the e-learning click here

Module 12(A): Delivering a Quality Programme - To begin the e-learning click here

The majority of the other modules are workbook based, although there are a couple of modules that have no online learning resources as yet. It is worth checking back on these, as additional resources and links are being added all the time.

General Data Protection Regulations

GDPR Training is a mandatory module for all appointments. It covers the basic information that individual’s need to know in relation to the General Data Protection Regulations, what this means for their role and for Scouting and how to effectively align with it. Topics covered:

  • Personal Data

  • Individuals' rights

  • Consent

  • Accountability & Governance


GDPR training is only available as e-learning

This module produces a certificate at the end of the learning.  Please send this to a Training Advisor who will be able to validate the module on Compass.

Safeguarding Awareness

As well as the face-to-face sessions provided by South Yorkshire Scout County, there is also an online alternative provided by the Scout Association.

For more details and a link to the actual training please click this Safeguarding Awareness Training link.


The Scout Association's ongoing safety training e-learning is an online alternative to face-to-face training. To find out more visit the Scout Associations Safety Trainingpage.

To take the Online Training click on the image to the left, or this Ongoing Safety link.