After I started to scan all my old negatives I discovered some images of my old cars and bikes which prompted me to list my vehicle history. I haven't finished scanning the negatives yet so some of these are what I can find on the internet - so I shall replace them as and when I come across the real thing.

I didn't start riding motorbikes until 1989. These are all the ones I owned.

Suzuki DR 125

G248 JKY

25-Aug-89 to 29-Sep-93

4yr 1mth

My introduction to motorbikes. Bought it new not long after getting married as we couldn’t afford to run two cars, so Gill got the car and I learnt how to ride a bike. Bought it from Richardsons on Abbeydale Road and included a mornings training in the playground of Granville College. The high riding position was great for a first bike and I had a bit of fun riding it up to Stanage Pole a few times as well.
Eventually was stolen from the car park at work, which I’m still convinced involved a certain individual who worked there.

Honda CB 125

F817 BKY

08-Oct-93 to 14-Dec-94

1yr 2mth

A second hand replacement from Jeff Halls for the stolen DR125 this had twin cylinders and was a much smoother ride.

Kawasaki ZZR600 D1

H281 XAL

14-Dec-94 to 03-Oct-97

2yr 9mth

For something to do I took my motorbike test in 1994, of course that meant I could buy a bigger bike. I didn’t need a bigger bike but I found this at Charles Freeman Motorcycles in Eckington.

As 600cc machines went this was quite heavy but it looked good.

Kawasaki ZZR600 D5

R650 VAK

03-Oct-97 to 14-Jun-03

5yr 8mth

Another new purchase, this time from Jack Woods on Abbeydale Road.

Honda Deauville NT650V


14-Jun-03 to 24-Sep-08

5yr 3mth

A neck injury from many years before started to cause problems due to the riding position of the sports bikes, so I bought this from Cusworths in Doncaster.

It had a more upright position and was a very smooth ride. Used it quite a bit to get to work in Leeds but never really liked motorway riding.

I sold this on eBay to a policeman in Galway, Ireland who had it collected and deleivered to Hollyhead where he collected it and took it back on the Ferry.

SYM GTS 250i


20-Sep-08 to 25-Jun-17

8yr 9mth

The Deauville was proving a bit big for my daily commute into Sheffield so I decided to go for a twist and go scooter.

Bought new from Shiregreen Service Station and I probably had more fun on this than any of the sports bikes as the centre of gravity was so low – probably why I kept it for so long.

I've also listed all the cars I've owned​


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