After I started to scan all my old negatives I discovered some images of my old cars and bikes which prompted me to list my vehicle history. I haven't finished scanning the negatives yet so some of these are what I can find on the internet - so I shall replace them as and when I come across the real thing.

These are all the cars I've owned.

Mini Clubman 1100.jpg

Austin Mini Clubman Saloon

yyy nnL?

Oct 79 to 1982ish

Dad bought this for me to learn to drive in. 

After passing my test in Feb 1980 I used it quite a bit to get around, including a few memorable camping trips to North Yorkshire and the Yorkshire Dales. One trip to Kirkby Malham ended in deep snow and the Mini only just got us all back - 4 older teenagers and rucksacks in a Mini!

I can't remember the registration now except I suspect it was an 'L' reg, and my friend with the ANPR implant was unable to help, so hoping I find a slide with it on! (Photo: Internet Search)

MG Metro.jpg

MG Metro

A370 WHE

1 Aug 83 to May 91

7yr 9mth

My first new car.

Bought from Sandygate Motors from a salesman called Neil Letherland who was a fellow Scout Leader, so got a great deal :)

Many happy memories in this car which took me all over the place, including Gliding in Derbyshire, Holidays in Scotland, Wales, and Devon - and was the one decorated on our Wedding Day. 


Ford Escort 1.6 Ghia

F605 JRC

12-Apr-91 to 26-Jan-94

2yr 9mth

The MG started to let us down and constantly lost its tuning, so we sold that privately and bought this from Wadham Kennings on Summerfield Street opposite Wards Brewery. 

(Photo: Internet Search but not Ghia model)

Subaru 1.8 GLSE.jpg

Subaru 1.8 GLSE Station Wagon

G791 ERP

26-Jan-94 to 25-Jan-96

1yr 11mth

Our first 4wd.

After Gill had to abandon the Escort due to deep snow we wondered what might have happened if 6month old David had been with her! So this was a car I'd liked the look of for some time and had the unusual Flat Boxer Engine which made a chracteristic noise. 

It turned out to have been clocked though :(

(Photo: Internet Search)

Subaru 2.0L Legacy.jpg

Subaru 2.0L Legacy Estate

K578 FDT

25-Jan-96 to 07-Apr-02

6yr 2mth

Not put off by Subaru this one was bought from Triangle Garage in Chesterfield and was the first to have Air Conditioning. This proved very useful on the long family trips to Devon during the summer - one of those perks you lived happily without until you had it. Wouldn't be without now.

(Photo: Internet Search)

front right.jpg

Opal Zafira 1.8 Elegance


16-Oct-01 to 23-Aug-11

9yr 10mth

The second brand new car.

I had been looking at these because they had the foldaway seats in the boot that made it a 7 seater and very useful for the family, especially carrying David a Laura's friends about.

Initially looking at a three year old lower range model, it was the era when importing cars from mainland Europe became popular. In fact for the same budget I was considering for the three year old example I was able to buy this high spec one brand new which had several added options as standard. No brainer.

It was delivered to the house in a trailer.

Generally very relaible and this is so far the longest I've kept a car

RR Chatsworth Picture 003.jpg

Range Rover 3.9 Vogue

J859 SJM

22-Mar-04 to 08-Feb-07

2yr 10mth

This was a car ‘I’d always wanted’ and I still like the design of the Classic Range Rover which this was, albeit with the upgraded 3.9 litre V8. That engine made a beautiful noise which I can still hear now. This was fitted with two torpedo tanks under the sills for gas which reduced the running costs a bit but the range on gas wasn’t brilliant. It performed and sounded much better on Petrol.

There was nowhere this car couldn’t go and it served well on many Scout Camps which were a long way off the main road or even farmers track.

I sold this to a friend as we bought a caravan and needed something a bit more frugal. I was genuinely sad on the day he drove it away up the road, and can still remember the noise from the V8 as it disappeared around the corner

With Rangie 1009_edited-1.jpg

Discovery TD5


02-Feb-07 to 14-May-14

7yr 3mth

A replacement for the much loved Range Rover although in some ways a step down. Having said that this was a great car and performed amazingly in snow. This did good service towing the caravan and of course several more Scout Camps.


Fiesta 1.6 Titanium


24-Aug-11 to 12-Jan-17

5yr 4mth

A second car that Gill used more for more local trips, although I did sometimes use it to collect David from Lancaster as it had better fuel consumption and of course the registration matched the University initials so wondered if it might get VIP parking on campus 

2014-04-28 18.01.32.jpg

Freelander 2.2 TD4


07-May-14 to Now

My Landrover experience seems to be going in reverse to most people with a move to a smaller model. With faults mounting up on the TD5 it was time for a change. I was a bit hesitant as this had much more electrcikery than the Range Rover and TD5 and a dial to select the driving conditions! However its ability in snow matched that of the TD5.

Fiesta 1.25 Zetec.jpg

Fiesta 1.25 Zetec


12-Jan-17 to Now

Another second car used more by Gill. This had a smaller petrol engine but was intended mainly for local trips.

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